How to integrate Shopify with Facebook in 3 Simple Steps

By now, it is a well-known fact that Facebook and Shopify are a match made in heaven for anyone that wants to sell products online. When you ask the question “how to integrate Shopify with Facebook” the answer is that you can do that easily in just a few steps, however what a lot of people don’t know is that Shopify can integrate with Facebook on pretty much every single level of your sales funnel, and today we are going to talk about three of those ways, so make sure to keep reading because we are going to walk you through them.

It is the perfect integration for marketing purposes

As you probably already know, Shopify has a ton of apps that were specifically designed to make your life much easier and that means that there isn’t a single thing that you can’t do with a Shopify store. You will be able to create category pages, set up custom audiences and serve them the media that they have mostly shown interest in. You can also set up dynamic product ads and custom conversations which is the perfect way for you to lead ads, and you can do all of that through Shopify and the build in apps will really help you with that.

It is the right integration for customer service and customer support

When talking about how to integrate Shopify with Facebook, something that we definitely have to mention is the fact that Facebook gives you one of the best and newest ways in which you can connect to your customers. Here we are talking about Facebook messenger and you should definitely use it over your email because those can easily end up in the junk mail folder or just stay unread. You can achieve this integration by using different apps, and all of them come at a pretty affordable price as well, which is always a great thing.

It is the ideal integration for optimizing conversations

One of the biggest problems that every business owners out there face is the fact that people are now shopping from than just one device and that means that a lot of carts are left abandoned, which is never good news for you. A very useful integration here is the Persistent Cart which makes it possible for the shopping cart to automatically tie in with the users Facebook ID and keep the cart filled even when they switch from one device to another. Something else that you use is the Abandonment Guard which will send customers emails after they leave their cart without checking out. This means that you will get a lot more sales and a lot less full carts.

How to integrate Shopify with Facebook is a question that comes up a lot, and as you can see, there are so many ways in which you can do it and all of it will give you a ton of different possibilities that your Facebook store wouldn’t have without Shopify. We hope that you liked this article and that you will check this option out for your own business.

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