Boost your Shopify Sales by selling on Facebook with Shopify and the “Shop” tab

For a lot of people thinking to start working in the business of online retailing the last platform that they would ever consider is Facebook. However, thanks to a newer collaboration of Facebook and Shopify called the “Shop” section, this is now one of the top options for every new business owner, and there are some really good reasons as to why. If you are interested in selling on Facebook with Shopify, then this is the perfect article for you because we are going to talk about what your Shopify store can gain out of this collaboration and the introduction of the now “Shop” section.

It will help you appeal to mobile users

To start off, we have to mention that “Shop” isn’t the first time that Shopify and Facebook partnered up because the first partnership was the “Buy” button which allowed you as a business owner to sell via paid ads. This is a really great way for any customers that prefer to shop on mobile devices to get their shopping done in a fast and efficient way, without having to navigate through clunky navigations or any unresponsive sites. The checkout process is done on the Facebook app itself and it will even give customers the ability to save their personal details in order to make the process faster next time they want to make a purchase.

It is a much more streamlined way of social commerce

One of the problems with selling on Facebook with Shopify is the fact that there are a lot of distractions and once your customers see an ad for your products they will have to get through a lot of steps before they can actually make a purchase. One of the things that the “Shop” section will help you with is that it will cut out all unnecessary distractions for your customers and it will completely streamline the process of discovery of your products to their purchase. As far as streamlining way of social commerce goes, this is definitely a great way to do it.

It will give you a much better storefront

When Shopify and Facebook were promoting the “Shop” section they said that it was a way for users to take integration to another level and that it is one place that will make it much easier for customers to discover, purchase and share products, and all of those statements are something that we can agree with. This section will extend the functionalities of your store and it will give you a new channel apart from your Shopify store on which you can sell easily. As a merchant, you probably already have a Facebook page, and “Shop” is something that will help you transform that page from a promotional space to a full on retailing platform.

The idea of selling on Facebook may sound a bit weird, but adding Shopify to it is something that takes it on a whole other level. We really hope that this article helped you learn something new about the “Shop” section and that it has made you realize that selling on Facebook with Shopify may not be such a bad idea after all.

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